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  • Residencia Tropical

    Don Bonito

    Tucked away in the quiet Avenida Palmar on the north shore of Sayulita, Don Bonito Hotel is a minimalist modern paradise.

  • León León Design Studio it's a

    Mexico City -Based

    Design Studio that focuses on Furniture and Interior Design. All our work is handcrafted in our local workshops by experienced artisans.


Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley

When we first walked into their design studio, we fell in love with their incredible designs. Each time we meet with them, we are still taken aback by the amount of creativity that is housed between these two. One flip through their sketchbooks, and you’ll understand just how talented they are.

Karla Lima

"Unleash your imagination with Vitoria, a cagelike pendant light from Oscar Mora and Pauline Dornic's Mexico City Workshop, Leon Leon".

Olivia Martin

"With summer fast approaching, Mexico City furniture design studio León León's bright handmade pieces are incredibly appealing"

Victoria Smith

"It represents the best modern mexican design." (talking about the Cali Chair)

Christine Hanway

"Looking forward to sitting outside this summer with a drink in one hand and a book in another."

Florence Deau

"The chairs by Mexican label León León hold the magical power to infuse everything around you with a dose of easy-going summer attitude."

Jan Halvarson

"Beautiful and colorful, I'm loving these handmade chairs from León León out of Mexico."


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